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Shape optimization of welded plate heat exchangers based on grey correlation theory
Abstract This paper focuses on shape optimization and heat transfer analysis of a Welded Plate Heat Exchanger (WPHE) with straight gas channels and corrugated water channels. Three influentialExpand
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Preparation of Cu(II)-Imprinted Smart Microgels for Selective Separation of Copper Ions
In this study, we demonstrate a new kind of surface imprinted smart polymer by using methacrylic acid (MAA) as function monomer, attapulgite as the support material, ethylene glycol dimethacrylateExpand
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Preparation of magnetically recyclable palygorskite Fe-octacarboxylic acid phthalocyanine nano-composites and their photocatalytic behavior for degradation of Rhodamine B
Abstract Novel magnetically recyclable nano-composite photocatalyst (AT/Fe 3 O 4 -FeOCAP) was successfully prepared from Fe-octacarboxylic acid phthalocyanine (FeOCAP) and magnetic palygorskiteExpand
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Regional Literature Echoing Spontaneously to Mainstream Literature from Jiang Lichang’s Prose Creation
There were fine works of the prose-creation in Guangxi Province in the period of the Qing Dynasty(A.D.1644-1911).Before the Five Masters of man of letters in Guangxi were born,Jiang Li-chang,aExpand
On Image of Dongting Lake in Poetry of Song Dynasty
The image of Dongting Lake in Song Dynasty poetry has a long history, it expressed poets' emotion by describing Dongting Lake. As a literary symbol, the image of Dongting Lake also conveyed poets'Expand
Emergent treatment for sudden occlusive carotid artery spasm in embolization of intracranial aneurysms
Objective To summarize the outcomes of emergent treatment of sudden carotid artery occlusive spasm during embolization for intracranial aneurysm.Methods Of 681 patients received intracranial aneurysmExpand
On the Nature of Hunan Ci Writing Group in the Late Qing Dynasty
Regional Chinese Ci greatly developed in the late Qing Dynasty.There appeared different groups hosting a hundred of people in Hunan.They learned from different genres either in Northern Song DynastyExpand
Bianjing:The Classical City in Poetry of Song Dynasty
In the long historical development of Song ci poetry,the image of Bianjing derives new inspiration to Song ci poetry as its peculiar charm,which makes Song ci poetry generate a newExpand
Chronological Table of CiXue in Hunan Province Modern History
CiXue in Hunan Province modern history was not bleak but prosperous.The essay put the chronological table of CiXue in Hunan Province modern history in order,and takes notes about birth and die ofExpand
A Summary of the Ci-writer Association in the Republic of China
The Republic of China is an important transition period for classical Ci-ology to modern Ci-ology,when Ci-writer associations sprung up one after another.However,Ci-writer associations showed upExpand