Yuan Zheng

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We present a plan for the integration of geometric constraints in the source, sensor and analysis levels of sensor networks. The goal of geometric analysis is to reduce the dimensionality and complexity of distributed sensor data analysis so as to achieve real-time recognition and response to significant events. Application scenarios include biometric(More)
Keywords: Thermal management Hydrogen storage Metal hydride High pressure Numerical simulation a b s t r a c t Reversible high-pressure metal hydrides offer excellent cold start capability and potentially increased hydrogen storage capacity. However, efficient thermal management is a critical issue in this kind of systems. In the present work, hydriding and(More)
Recently, the frequent seasonal drought in Southwest China has brought considerable concerns and continuous heated arguments on the "water pump" viewpoint (i.e., the water demand from Hevea spp. and Eucalyptus spp. can be treated as a water pump) once again. However, such viewpoint just focused on water consumption from vegetation transpiration and its(More)
High-pressure metal hydride vehicular hydrogen storage systems can offer good overall gravimetric and volumetric hydrogen densities. Enhanced heat transfer techniques will be essential to achieve established goals for tank filling times. A numerical model is developed to simulate the hydrogen filling process of a subscale high-pressure metal hydride (Ti 1.1(More)
Sodium borohydride (NaBH 4) hydrogen storage systems offer many advantages for hydrogen storage applications. The physical processes inside a NaBH 4 packed bed reactor involve multi-component and multi-phase flow and multi-mode heat and mass transfer. These processes are also coupled with reaction kinetics. To guide reactor design and optimization, a(More)
Water contamination becomes one of the most pervasive environmental issues all over the world in recent years. In this paper, the functionalization of graphene oxide (GO) with copolymers containing methacrylic acid (MAA) and butyl methacrylate (BMA) was investigated to prepare a new microcomposite material (PGO) via free radical solution polymerization. PGO(More)
An explicit lighting estimation from a single image of Lambertian objects is influenced by two factors: data incompletion and noise contamination. Measurement of lighting consistency purely using the orthogonal spherical harmonic basis cannot achieve an accurate estimation. We present a novel signal-processing framework to represent the lighting field. We(More)
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