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The unique anatomical features of turtles have raised unanswered questions about the origin of their unique body plan. We generated and analyzed draft genomes of the soft-shell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) and the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas); our results indicated the close relationship of the turtles to the bird-crocodilian lineage, from which they(More)
—Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) systems have been widely used in distributed computing systems for event notification and delivery. However, there is no existing work on Pub/Sub systems for wireless mesh networks (WMNs) which are regarded as a promising infrastructure for providing wireless Internet services to a wide area. In this paper, we propose the design(More)
Keywords: Wireless sensor networks Energy hole problem Multi-objective optimization problem NP hard a b s t r a c t In a wireless sensor network (WSN), the unbalanced distribution of communication loads often causes the problem of energy hole, which means the energy of the nodes in the hole region will be exhausted sooner than the nodes in other regions.(More)
The emerging pervasive computing is regarded as a promising solution to the systems of personal healthcare and emergency aid, which can monitor personal health status in a real-time manner and automatically issue the alert for medical aids in case of emergency. However, the implementation of such a system is not trivial due to the issues, including 1) the(More)
In a wireless sensor network (WSN), the energy hole problem is a key factor which affects the lifetime of the networks. In a WSN with circular multi-hop deployment (modeled as concentric coronas), sensors in one corona have the same transmission range termed as the transmission range of this corona, and different coronas have different transmission ranges,(More)
— The basic operation of Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Network (DTMSN) is for pervasive data gathering in networks with intermittent connectivity, where traditional data gathering methods can not be applied. In this paper, an efficient Mobility Prediction-based Adaptive Data gathering protocol (MPAD) based on the random waypoint mobility model tailored for(More)