Yuan-Yuan Feng

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Dysregulation of Wnt signaling has been involved in gastric tumorigenesis by mechanisms that are not fully understood. The receptor for activated protein kinase C (RACK1, GNB2L1) is involved in development of different tumor types, but its expression and function have not been investigated in gastric tumors. METHODS We analyzed(More)
The transcription factor NF-κB plays a pivotal role in innate immunity in response to a variety of stimuli, and the coordinated regulation of this pathway determines the proper host responses to extracellular signals. In this study, we identified RACK1 as a novel negative regulator of NF-κB signaling, NF-κB-mediated cytokine induction and inflammatory(More)
UNLABELLED Sorafenib is a specific adenosine triphosphate-competitive RAF inhibitor used as a first-line treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, the responses are variable, reflecting heterogeneity of the disease, while the resistance mechanism remains poorly understood. Here, we report that sorafenib treatment can exacerbate disease(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Iron is an essential metal for fundamental metabolic processes, but little is known regarding the involvement of iron in other nutritional disorders. In the present study, we investigated disordered iron metabolism in a murine model of hereditary tyrosinemia type I (HT1), a disease of the tyrosine degradation pathway. METHODS We analysed(More)
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