Yuan-Yuan Dong

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Soybean (Glycine max L.) is one of the most important oil crops in the world. It is desirable to increase oil yields from soybean, and so this has been a major goal of oilseed engineering. However, it is still uncertain how many genes and which genes are involved in lipid biosynthesis. Here, we evaluated changes in gene expression over the course of seed(More)
Salt and saline-alkali are major environmental factors limiting the growth and productivity of alfalfa, the most economically important forage legume worldwide. In this study, alfalfa plants transgenic for both ScNHX1 (encoding vacuolar membrane Na+/H+ antiporter from Suaeda corniculata) and ScVP (encoding vacuolar H+-PPase from S. corniculata) were(More)
Dehydration-responsive element binding (DREB) transcription factors (TFs) play important roles in the regulation of plant resistance to environmental stresses and can specifically bind to dehydration-responsive element/C-repeat element (DRE/CRT) proteins (G/ACCGAC) and activate expression of many stress-inducible genes. Here, we cloned and characterized a(More)
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