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Fatty liver is a common phenomenon concerned in today's healthcare. Using B-ultrasound modality can help identify the abnormal disease in cardiology. This paper presents an extraction method for fatty liver ultrasound image feature. Through the extraction, one can easily analyzes ultrasound images from clinical practices in fatty liver pathology. After(More)
A high-speed memory system is a complex mixed-signal design including controller, memory, board design. For realistic simulation, all the non-idealities i.e. noise, crosstalk should be modeled to fulfill the jitter, setup-hold specifications. Matlab/Simulink provides customizable components for noise sources, statistical models and communication blocks.(More)
Multiple pattern matching with wildcards is an important research task in many domains, such as information retrieval, bioinformatics and text indexing. In this paper, we address the following problem: given multiple pattern ΩP and a sequence S, we aim to handle multiple pattern ΩP simultaneously online and locate all their occurrences in S under the(More)
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