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Ultraviolet- and visible-light-responsive titania-based photocatalysts were synthesized and employed in the photocatalytic oxidation of NO(x). Sol-gel processes using tetrabutyl orthotitanate and ethanol under acid catalyzed condition and controlled calcination were performed to synthesize titanium dioxide with a mixed crystal lattice of anatase, brookite(More)
A field-emission light source with high luminance, excellent luminance uniformity, and tunable luminance characteristics with a novel lateral-gate structure is demonstrated. The lateral-gate triode structure comprises SiC nanowire emitters on a Ag cathode electrode and a pair of Ag gate electrodes placed laterally on both sides of the cathode. The simple(More)
a-Fe 2 O 3 nanowires (NWs) were formed by the thermal oxidation of an iron film in air at 350 °C for 10 h. The rhombohedral structure of the a-Fe 2 O 3 NWs was grown vertically on the substrate with diameters of 8–25 nm and lengths of several hundred nm. It was found that the population density of the NWs per unit area (D NWs) can be varied by the film(More)
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