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Common spatial pattern (CSP) is widely used for constructing spatial filters to extract features for motor-imagery-based BCI. One main parameter in CSP-based classification is the number of spatial filters used. An automatic method relying on Rayleigh quotient is presented to estimate its optimal value for each subject. Based on an existing dataset, we(More)
This paper investigates the use of complex-modulated oversampled filter banks (FBs) for frequency-domain equalization (FDE) in single-carrier systems. The key aspect is mildly frequency-selective subband processing instead of a simple complex gain factor per subband. Two alternative low-complexity linear equalizer structures with MSE criterion are(More)
Recently, traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs have attracted more attentions worldwide for its anti-tumor efficacy. Celastrol and Triptolide, two active components extracted from the Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F (known as Lei Gong Teng or Thunder of God Vine), have shown anti-tumor effects. Celastrol was identified as a natural 26(More)
The Internet is generally not energy-efficient since all network devices are running all the time and only a small fraction of consumed power is actually related to traffic forwarding. Existing studies try to detour around links and nodes during traffic forwarding to save powers for energy-efficient routing. However, energy-efficient routing in traditional(More)
— This paper investigates both transmultiplexer (TMUX) and analysis-synthesis filter banks where the two sides of the filter bank system are of different sizes. Such configurations find applications in filter bank based multicarrier communication systems on one hand and in fractionally-spaced frequency domain equalizers on the other. The errors due to(More)