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Combinatorial pharmacophore modeling of organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2) inhibitors: insights into multiple inhibitory mechanisms.
Organic cation transporter 2 (OCT2) is responsible for the entry step of many drugs in renal elimination, of which the changing activity may cause unwanted drug-drug interactions (DDIs). To developExpand
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Diel cycle of methanogen mcrA transcripts in rice rhizosphere.
Methanogens are known to inhabit not only the anaerobic bulk soil but also the rhizosphere of rice plants. The release of root exudates, a major carbon source for CH4 production in the rhizosphere,Expand
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Mechanism of the All-α to All-β Conformational Transition of RfaH-CTD: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Markov State Model.
  • S. Li, B. Xiong, +7 authors H. Jiang
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of chemical theory and computation
  • 21 May 2014
The C-terminal domain of the bacterial transcription antiterminator RfaH undergoes a dramatic all-α-helix to all-β-barrel transition when released from its N-terminal domain. These two distinctExpand
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Aldehyde Oxidase Mediated Metabolism in Drug-like Molecules: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study.
  • Yuan Xu, L. Li, +9 authors X. Chen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of medicinal chemistry
  • 16 March 2017
Aldehyde oxidase (AOX) is an important drug-metabolizing enzyme. However, the current in vitro models for evaluating AOX metabolism are sometimes misleading, and preclinical animal models generallyExpand
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Preparation and Optimization of Amino Acid Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizer by Hydrolyzation of Chicken Waste Feathers and the Effects on Growth of Rice
ABSTRACT For the preparation of amino acid chelated fertilizer, chicken feathers were hydrolyzed with sulfuric acid (H2SO4; 6M) and potassium hydroxide (KOH; 6M) separately in the presence ofExpand
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Phosphodiesterase 7B/microRNA-200c relationship regulates triple negative breast cancer cell growth
Members of microRNA-200 (miRNA-200) family have a regulatory role in epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) by suppressing Zeb1 and Zeb2 expression. Consistent with its role in suppressing EMT,Expand
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Diversity of free-living marine ciliates (Alveolata, Ciliophora): Faunal studies in coastal waters of China during the years 2011-2016.
In the period 2011-2016, a series of investigations were carried out on the marine and brackish free-living ciliate fauna of the temperate-tropical coastal waters of China. About 210 morphotypesExpand
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Taxonomy, ontogeny and molecular phylogeny of Anteholosticha marimonilata spec. nov. (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida) from the Yellow Sea, China.
The morphology, morphogenesis and molecular phylogeny of the marine ciliated protozoan Anteholosticha marimonilata spec. nov., isolated from mollusc-farming waters of the Yellow Sea, Qingdao, PRExpand
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Morphological and molecular information of a new species of Geleia (Ciliophora, Karyorelictea), with redescriptions of two Kentrophoros species from China.
The morphology and infraciliature of three karyorelictean ciliates, Geleia sinica spec. nov. and two poorly known Kentrophoros species, K. flavus and K. gracilis, isolated from the intertidal zone ofExpand
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Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Hedyotis diffusa plus Scutellaria barbata Exerts Anti-Inflammatory Effects by Regulating miR-155 Expression and JNK Signaling Pathway
Hedyotis diffusa Willd and Scutellaria barbata D. Don (HDSB) were the core couplet in medicines that were commonly used for the purpose of anti-inflammation and anticancer treatments in China.Expand
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