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BACKGROUND The Dlc1 (deleted in liver cancer 1) tumour suppressor gene codes for a RhoGTPase activating protein that is found inactivated in many tumour types. Several transcriptional isoforms have been described but the functional significance and tissue distribution of each form is presently poorly understood. Also, differences in the number of isoforms(More)
BACKGROUND Paramyosin is a thick myofibrillar protein found exclusively in invertebrates. Evidence suggested that paramyosin from helminths serves not only as a structural protein but also as an immunomodulatory agent. We previously reported that recombinant Trichinella spiralis paramyosin (Ts-Pmy) elicited a partial protective immunity in mice. In this(More)
Man-at-the-end (MATE) attacks are an understudied branch of computer security. These attacks involve an adversary gaining an advantage by violating software or hardware under their control, directly or via a remote connection. On an individual scale, MATE attacks could violate the privacy and integrity of medical records and other sensitive personal data,(More)
Trichinellosis is an important foodborne zoonosis that is distributed worldwide. Trichinella spiralis may evade host complement-mediated attack by expressing complement inhibitory proteins, such as paramyosin (Pmy). Previous studies have shown that Trichinella spiralis paramyosin (Ts-Pmy) is able to bind to the human complement component C9 to inhibit the(More)
BACKGROUND Many evidences show the inverse correlation between helminth infection and allergic or autoimmune diseases. Identification and characterization of the active helminth-derived products responsible for the beneficial effects on allergic or inflammatory diseases will provide another feasible approach to treat these diseases. METHODS AND FINDINGS(More)
Trichinella spiralis expresses paramyosin (Ts-Pmy) not only as a structural protein but also as an immunomodulator that inhibits host complement as a survival strategy. Previous studies demonstrated that Ts-Pmy bound to complement components C8 and C9 and inhibited the polymerization of C9 during the formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC). The C9(More)
Not long after the introduction of stored-program computing machines, the first high-level language compilers appeared. The need for automatically and efficiently mapping abstract concepts from high-level languages onto low-level assembly languages has been recognized ever since. A compiler has a unique ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data in(More)
Trichinellosis is one of the most important food-borne parasitic zoonoses throughout the world. Because infected pigs are the major source of human infections, and China is becoming the largest international producer of pork, the development of a transmission-blocking vaccine to prevent swine from being infected is urgently needed for trichinellosis control(More)