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Nowadays as low carbon economy is greatly advocated worldwide, the electricity consumption caused by a huge number of embedded computer systems is gaining more and more attention. Different instruction set, software algorithm and high-level software architecture can significantly affect the system energy consumption. In this paper, we first analyze the(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile health apps for diabetes self-management have different functions. However, the efficacy and safety of each function are not well studied, and no classification is available for these functions. OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were to (1) develop and validate a taxonomy of apps for diabetes self-management, (2) investigate the glycemic(More)
According to the power model based on algorithm complexity, we analyze the power characteristic on both the algorithm level and micro-architectural level. Therefore, we propose a fusion power model that combines both algorithm level and micro-architectural level. We extract the time complexity and space complexity on the algorithm level, the CPI(Cycles Per(More)
The paper has analyzed on the confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza in Shenzhen which were reported through direct network reporting system for infectious diseases. Combine the records of infectious cases with GIS. Geo-code the records of cases and select the home address of the sufferer as the basic unit of geo-coding. The retrospective space-time permutation(More)
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