Yuan-Lung Lai

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The dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) by zerovalent iron (Fe(0)) in the presence of metal ions and humic acid was investigated. In the absence of metal ion and humic acid, 64% of the initial PCE was dechlorinated after 125 h with the production of ethane and ethene as the major end products. The dechlorination followed pseudo-first-order kinetics(More)
The bonding strength of stem/cement interfaces is crucial for the long-term performance of total hip prosthesis. For improving the fixation strength, the metallic prostheses have been textured proximally, or roughened. To investigate the mechanical effect of roughened stem, this paper proposed an analysis model integrating the finite element analysis and(More)
Nesting is primarily composed of two processes: One is the determination of permutation; another is the placement for the pieces unto the sheet. These two processes determine the quality for nesting. If the permutation is right and placement also can satisfy the requirements, then we can locate the proper solution  or the optimum one; but most(More)
The objective of two-dimensional optimal nesting problem is to place the same or different pieces of the fixed quantity on the sheet in this paper. What we want to do is increase the rate of utility and decrease the waste of panel. Generally, determine the quality of the nesting results; it can briefly be divided into two factors: placement algorithm and(More)
Due to the rotary axes of the machine, the tool path between two blocks in the NC program will drive the pivot move non-linearly relative to the workpiece, reducing the accuracy of the tool path. Linearization of the tool path in the postprocessor will solve the problem. An algorithm will be proposed to modify the exact inverse kinematics in order to give(More)
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