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Presented here is a genome sequence of an individual human. It was produced from approximately 32 million random DNA fragments, sequenced by Sanger dideoxy technology and assembled into 4,528 scaffolds, comprising 2,810 million bases (Mb) of contiguous sequence with approximately 7.5-fold coverage for any given region. We developed a modified version of the(More)
OpenMP has been very successful in exploiting structured parallelism in applications. With increasing application complexity, there is a growing need for addressing irregular parallelism in the presence of complicated control structures. This is evident in various efforts by the industry and research communities to provide a solution to this challenging(More)
The physical layer of most wireless protocols is traditionally implemented in custom hardware to satisfy the heavy computational requirements while keeping power consumption to a minimum. These implementations are time consuming to design and difficult to verify. A programmable hardware platform capable of supporting software implementations of the physical(More)
Endosomal sorting complex required for transport III (ESCRT-III) proteins function in multivesicular body biogenesis and viral budding. They are recruited from the cytoplasm to the membrane, where they assemble into large complexes. We used "deep-etch" electron microscopy to examine polymers formed by the ESCRT-III proteins hSnf7-1 (CHMP4A) and hSnf7-2(More)
DNA and RNA oligomers are used in a myriad of diverse biological and biochemical experiments. These oligonucleotides are designed to have unique biophysical, chemical and hybridization properties. We have created an integrated set of bioinformatics tools that predict the properties of native and chemically modified nucleic acids and assist in their design.(More)
The modulation of the activity of enzymes associated with carbohydrate metabolism is important for potato cold-induced sweetening (CIS). A novel RING finger gene SbRFP1 was cloned and its expression was found to be cold-inducible in potato tubers of the CIS-resistant genotypes. Transformation of SbRFP1 in potatoes confirmed its role in inhibiting β-amylase(More)
Eukaryotic cells possess numerous dynamic membrane-less organelles, RNP granules, enriched in RNA and RNA-binding proteins containing disordered regions. We demonstrate that the disordered regions of key RNP granule components and the full-length granule protein hnRNPA1 can phase separate in vitro, producing dynamic liquid droplets. Phase separation is(More)
beta-Arrestin-mediated signaling downstream of seven transmembrane receptors (7TMRs) is a relatively new paradigm for signaling by these receptors. We examined changes in protein phosphorylation occurring when HEK293 cells expressing the angiotensin II type 1A receptor (AT1aR) were stimulated with the beta-arrestin-biased ligand Sar(1), Ile(4),(More)