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Study on Inventory Control in Hospital Logistics Warehouses
The paper analyzes the issues with inventory control practice in hospital logistics warehouses,offers solutions through quantitative calculation and suggests the optimal countermeasures.
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Attribute reduction for Chinese question classification
We use feature selection to reduce the dimensionality of the question classification in the CQA and use the dependence of the rough set to improve the classification accuracy. Expand
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Improved GA and its application to knapsack problem
An improved genetic algorithm is introduced and its procedure is provided in detail. The algorithm provides the chromosome with more amount of information and ensures the convergence by using binaryExpand
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Effect of Operation Variables of Potato Digger with Double Chain Conveyors on Crop Handling and Machine Performance
The experiments were conducted at Al- Gimma Agricultural Scheme in the Tragma area- Shendi locality, River Nile State during April – 2017, to study the effect of some operational factors related toExpand
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The Application of Cyanide-free Technology and Equipment for Gold Desorption from Carbon in a Gold Smelting Plant
Gold Desorption from carbon is an important section in the process of gold production.Guizhou Xingyi gold smelting plant has introduced 4 sets of different desorption technology and equipment fromExpand
The choosing research of heavy haul railway special line loading ways
Taking a coal special line as an example,introduced three loading ways of heavy haul railway special line.Through the analysis of the main economic and technical indicators,compared their advantagesExpand
Periodic Solutions of Predator-Prey System with Impulsive Effects and Functional Response
A class model of impulsive predator-prey system with variable delays and Holing-Ⅱ functional response is considered. By using the continuation theorem of coincidence degree theory and homotopyExpand
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