Yuan-Li Liu

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Whether in a glass chip or multi-well plate, differential array sensors are performed as a series of experiments and their output is compared among each other to obtain the differential signals evaluated by pattern recognition methods. To increase the practicality of performing a large number of experiments the sensor elements are often used as semi-wet(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a set of procedure for recovery and species identification of Legionella from the surface environmental water. METHODS Forty-four water samples were collected in eight parks of Guangzhou city from August to November in 2006. The bacteriologic examination was performed by cultivation on BCYEalpha plate, and 108 presumptive Legionella(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the analysis of a rare beta-thalassemia ternary heterozygote [+40 to +43(-AAAC)*CD41/42(-TTCT)*IVS-2-654] causing beta-thalassemia major in a Chinese. METHODS Using PCR-ASO probe hybridization analysis to scan 17 known types of beta-thalassemia mutations, and gene cloning and DNA sequencing to identify the underlying causative(More)
An array sensor comprising six off-the-shelf indicators doped in a poly(ether-urethane) recognizes five cations, seven anions and thirty-five ion pairs at pH 5-9 in water. Such a discrimination capacity and recognition efficiency (6 : 35) with > or = 93% accuracy is rare. Low cost and wide availability of various polymers and indicators could make this(More)
This paper presents a particle filter for object tracking using the combination of shape and texture features. Local descriptors contribute to estimation by filtering out some irrelevant observations, making it more reliable. We introduces an online feature adaptation mechanism that enables to automatically select the best set of features in presence of(More)
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