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IC metrology is a necessary means for measuring the fabrication performance in the semiconductor industry. It is significant for yield enhancement and process control. However, real-time monitoring of wafer production is required in recent years especially for the 300 mm semiconductor manufacturing. Therefore, virtual metrology (VM) is developed for the(More)
A complete dynamic modeling on task space for a 6 DOF Gough-Stewart platform type of CNC machine is derived. The rotation terms of the legs are included for its inertia effect cannot be negligible in the machine tool applications. Also its formulation derived by means of Euler-Lagrange method is convenient for designing the adaptive control law. The(More)
To enhance a machine’s ability for a precision machining task, an efficient compensation scheme that takes all error sources into account is needed. In this study, an effective static/quasi-static error compensation system composed of an interpolation algorithm based on shape functions for error prediction, and a recursive software compensation procedure,(More)
Thermal deformation is a nonlinear dynamic phenomenon and is one of the significant factors for the accuracy of machine tools. In this study, a dynamic feed-forward neural network model is built to predict the thermal deformation of machine tool. The temperatures and thermal deformations data at present and past sampling time interval are used train the(More)
To apply effective methods to analyze and distinguish all kinds of response patterns is an important issue of nonlinear dynamics. This paper contributes to develop an alternative Poincaré section method to analyze and identify the whirl responses of a nonlinear oscillator. This integration for analyzing high-order harmonic and chaotic motions is used to(More)