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documents in electronic form, we now have an opportunity to better track and identify technological advances, market changes, competitors’ trends, and even enemy advances. However, to extract from this wealth of information those pieces that are relevant to an application, analysts need fast, flexible, and efficient analysis tools. The ability to visualize(More)
Esprit is an algorithm for determining the xed directions of arrival of a set of narrowband signals at an array of sensors. Unfortunately, its computational burden makes it unsuitable for real time processing of signals with time-varying directions of arrival. In this work we develop a new implementation of esprit that has potential for real time(More)
Recent semi-synthetic studies of erythromycin A culminated in the discovery of two ketolide drug candidates, HMR-3647 and ABT-773, for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial infections caused by both macrolide- and beta-lactam-susceptible and -resistant S. pneumoniae, gram negative bacteria, and intracellular atypical pathogens. The discovery of(More)
Grassman, Taksar, and Heyman have proposed an algorithm for computing the stationary vector of a Markov chain. Analysis by O'Cinneide confirmed the results of numerical experiments, proving that the GTH algorithm computes an approximation to the stationary vector with low relative error in each component. In this work, we develop a block form of the GTH(More)
Computational problems for which an algorithm cannot be determined in polynomial time are classiied as NP-complete problems. Because of their great capacity to conduct parallel reactions, DNA molecules and their experimental protocols have been proposed to solve such problems, which otherwise are time-consuming for electronic computers. Based on a working(More)
  • Y J Wu
  • 2000
Earlier semi-synthetic studies of erythromycin A culminated in the discovery of two successful second generation macrolide antibiotics, azithromycin and clarithromycin, for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial infections. More recent structural modifications of erythromycin A have resulted in the discovery of novel ketolide antibiotics and new(More)
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