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A semiautomatic algorithm for segmenting organ surfaces from 3D medical images is presented in this work. The algorithm is based on a deformable model, and allows the user to initialize the model by combining and molding primitive shapes such as cylinders and spheres to form an initial approximate model of the organ surface. The initial model is(More)
Permutation polynomials have been an interesting subject of study for a long time and have applications in many areas of mathematics and engineering. However, only a small number of specific classes of permutation polynomials are known so far. In this paper, six classes of linearized permutation polynomials and six classes of nonlinearized permutation(More)
This paper investigates the e↵ect of real-time performance feedback and competition on the accuracy of crowd-workers for a document relevance assessment task. Through a series of controlled tests, we show that displaying a leaderboard to crowd-workers can motivate them to improve their performance, providing a bonus is o↵ered to the best performing workers.(More)
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