Yuan Hung Lo

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Development of neural circuitry depends on the integration of signaling pathways to coordinate specification, proliferation and differentiation of cell types in the right number, in the right place, at the right time. Zinc finger protein 423 (Zfp423), a 30-zinc finger transcription factor, forms alternate complexes with components of several developmental(More)
A plasma membrane rich fraction was prepared from olfactory rosettes of Atlantic salmon and used to study binding of L-glutamic acid and activation of phospholipase C (PLC). Glutamate binding was saturable, high affinity, and inhibited by aspartic acid and taurocholate but not by alanine and lysine. Binding of glutamate was potently inhibited by various(More)
To investigate the risk of chronic low back pain (LBP) in parturients undergoing cesarean delivery (CD) with neuraxial anesthesia (NA). LBP is common during pregnancy and also after delivery, but its etiology is poorly understood. Previous studies that investigated the correlation between epidural labor analgesia and chronic low back pain were inconclusive.(More)
Little is known about how small variations in ionic currents and Ca²⁺ and Na⁺ diffusion coefficients impact action potential and Ca²⁺ dynamics in rabbit ventricular myocytes. We applied sensitivity analysis to quantify the sensitivity of Shannon et al. model (Biophys. J., 2004) to 5%-10% changes in currents conductance, channels distribution, and ion(More)
electrophysiological computational models of cardiac ventricular myocyte are often times complex and involve numerous parameters and component interactions. Therefore, a viable method is required to assess model stability and to learn about the physiological interactions between various parameters. A holistic study of cardiac myocyte may explain important(More)
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