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—Deep learning methods have recently achieved impressive performance in the area of visual recognition and speech recognition. In this paper, we propose a handwriting recognition method based on relaxation convolutional neural network (R-CNN) and alternately trained relaxation convolutional neural network (ATR-CNN). Previous methods regularize CNN at(More)
Text occlusion is among the most intractable obstacles for OCR engines. A typical example in document images is visible watermark characters, which are often occluded by foreground contents. This paper proposes a solution by restoring watermark characters before recognition. The text restoration process consists a core module as patch-based restoration(More)
This study applied reaction-time based methods to assess the workload capacity of binaural integration by comparing reaction time (RT) distributions for monaural and binaural tone-in-noise detection tasks. In the diotic contexts, an identical tone + noise stimulus was presented to each ear. In the dichotic contexts, an identical noise was presented to each(More)
Monodispersed quantum dots (QDs)-encoded polymer microbeads were generated using a simple capillary fluidic device (CFD). The polymer and QDs solution was emulsified into monodispersed microdroplets by the CFD and obtained droplets were solidified via solvent evaporation. Polymer microbeads can be fabricated in a range of different sizes through changing(More)
Biological processes in agro-ecosystems have been affected by atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition, but there is uncertain of the N deposition fluxes and associated variations. This study aimed to characterize the atmospheric inorganic N (AIN) in wet deposition to a typical red soil farmland at the Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station, Chinese Academy of(More)
AIM Saquinavir (SQV) is the first protease inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infection, but with poor solubility. The aim of this study was to prepare a colloidal nanocrystal suspension for improving the oral absorption of SQV. METHODS SQV nanocrystals were prepared using anti-solvent precipitation-high pressure homogenization method. The nanocrystals(More)