Yuan-Hao Gao

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By a simple and facile wet-chemistry technique without any surfactant, various shapes of Ag(2)S crystals--including leaflike pentagonal nanoplates, crinkly nanoscrolls, hexagonal prismlike microtubes, and microrods--were fabricated in situ on a large-area silver-foil surface separately. Detailed experiments revealed that the Ag(2)S nanoplates were formed(More)
Coordination coupling induced self-assembly of ZnS microparticles was performed with the help of a π-conjugated sulphur-terminal Zn(ii) complex ZnS2L (L = N-hexyl-3-{2-[4-2,2':6',2''-terpyridin-4'-yl-phenyl]ethenyl}-carbazole). The interactions between ZnS and ZnS2L components at the interface, which were analyzed by far-IR and XPS, resulted in a tunable(More)
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