Yuan-Hang Ren

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A series of remarkable crystalline compounds [Cu(2)(BTC)(4/3)(H(2)O)(2)](6)[H(n)XM(12)O(40)].(C(4)H(12)N)(2) (X = Si, Ge, P, As; M = W, Mo) were obtained from the simple one-step hydrothermal reaction of copper nitrate, benzentricaboxylate (BTC), and different Keggin polyoxometalates (POMs). In these compounds, the catalytically active Keggin polyanions(More)
In recent years, concerns over the potential impact of synthetic pesticides on the environment have promoted the research and development of environmentally friendly “green” pesticides. In the current study, we utilized a green biomimetic insecticide, 1,5-bis-(5-nitro-2-furanyl)-1,4-pentadien-3-one (compound C), to examine its cytotoxicity on an insect cell(More)
Self-assembly has a unique presence when it comes to creating complicated, ordered supramolecular architectures from simple components under mild conditions. Here, we describe a self-assembly strategy for the generation of the first homogeneous supramolecular metal-organic framework (SMOF-1) in water at room temperature from a hexaarmed [Ru(bpy)3](2+)-based(More)
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