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BACKGROUND The Dlc1 (deleted in liver cancer 1) tumour suppressor gene codes for a RhoGTPase activating protein that is found inactivated in many tumour types. Several transcriptional isoforms have been described but the functional significance and tissue distribution of each form is presently poorly understood. Also, differences in the number of isoforms(More)
Induction of tumor cell apoptosis has been recognized as a valid anticancer strategy. However, therapeutic selectivity between tumor and normal cells has always been a challenge. Here, we report a novel anti-cancer compound methyl 3-(4-nitrophenyl) propiolate (NPP) preferentially induces apoptosis in tumor cells through P450-catalyzed reactive oxygen(More)
Constitutive activation of the Janus kinase (JAK)/signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) pathway occurs frequently in cancer cells and contributes to oncogenesis. Among the members of STAT family, STAT3 plays a pivotal role in the development and progression of human tumors. The STAT3-mediated signaling pathway has been recognized as a(More)
A cDNA encoding heat shock protein 70 of Trichinella spiralis (Ts-Hsp70) was identified by immunoscreening the adult T. spiralis cDNA library with rabbit antisera against T. spiralis adult extracts. The open reading frame of Ts-Hsp70 cDNA encoded a 623-amino acid peptide with a predicted molecular weight of 68.7kDa, which shares a high degree of sequence(More)
Trichinella spiralis paramyosin (Ts-Pmy) is a protective antigen that induces partial immunity against T. spiralis infection in mice. To identify protective epitope of Ts-Pmy, a monoclonal antibody (mAb) 7E2 against the recombinant protein was generated, which partially protected against T. spiralis infection following passive transfer. The mAb was used to(More)
A full-length cDNA encoding Trichinella spiralis paramyosin (Ts-Pmy) was cloned by immunoscreening a cDNA library of the adult T. spiralis worm. Ts-Pmy cDNA consists of 2655bp that encode 885 amino acids. The recombinant protein (rTs-Pmy) was expressed and purified by Ni-affinity chromatography. Western blot analysis showed that rTs-Pmy could be recognized(More)
Our previous studies showed that immunization with recombinant paramyosin from Trichinella spiralis (rTs-Pmy) formulated with Freund's adjuvant significantly reduced larval burden in mice after T. spiralis larval challenge. Since Freund's adjuvant is toxic and not a suitable adjuvant for clinical vaccine trials, we evaluated the ability of the adjuvants(More)
To identify genes involved in etoposide drug response, we used promoter trap mutagenesis to isolate an etoposide-resistant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line. This resistant CHO-K1 line, named E91, showed cross-resistance to C(2)-ceramide (N-acetylsphingosine). The promoter trap retrovirus was found integrated into intron 1-2 of the Dlc-2 (Stard13)(More)
Insulin-like growth factors (Igfs) are implicated in a wide variety of physiological roles in teleost gonadal development and reproduction. In the present study, igf3 mRNA expression in the tilapia ovary was found to be higher than in the testis from 5 to 40 days after hatching (dah) but was lower than that in testis from 50 to 70 dah. Consistently, Igf3(More)
Selectively eradicating cancer cells with minimum adverse effects on normal cells is a major challenge in the development of anticancer therapy. We hypothesize that nutrient-limiting conditions frequently encountered by cancer cells in poorly vascularized solid tumors might provide an opportunity for developing selective therapy. In this study, we(More)