Yuan Ge

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Massage-like stroking induces acute antinociceptive effects that can be reversed by an oxytocin antagonist, indicating activation of oxytocin on endogenous pain controlling systems. We now demonstrate an increase in hindpaw withdrawal latencies (HWLs), in response to thermal and mechanical stimuli, which was present after six treatments of massage-like(More)
Intra-periaqueductal grey (PAG) injection of 1 nmol of oxytocin induced significant increases in hindpaw withdrawal latency (HWL) to thermal and mechanical stimulation in rats. The anti-nociceptive effect of oxytocin was attenuated significantly by subsequent intra-PAG injection of the mu opioid antagonist beta-funaltrexamine (beta-FNA) and the kappa opioid(More)
Bar-coded pyrosequencing has been increasingly used due to its fine taxonomic resolution and high throughput. Yet, concerns arise regarding the reproducibility of bar-coded pyrosequencing. We evaluated the run-to-run variation of bar-coded pyrosequencing in detecting bacterial community shifts and taxa dynamics. Our results demonstrate that pyrosequencing(More)
With the rapid development of smart TV industry, a large number of TV programs have been available for meeting various user interests, which consequently raise a great demand of building personalized TV recommender systems. Indeed, a personalized TV rec-ommender system can greatly help users to obtain their preferred programs and assist TV and channel(More)
Despite the utmost importance of microorganisms in maintaining ecosystem functioning and their ubiquitous distribution, our knowledge of the large-scale pattern of microbial diversity is limited, particularly in grassland soils. In this study, the microbial communities of 99 soil samples spanning over 3000 km across grassland ecosystems in northern China(More)