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The temporal and spatial characteristics of brain activity preceding prosaccades and antisaccades were investigated using source reconstructions of 64-channel electroencephalography and 148-channel magnetoencephalography data. Stimulus-locked data showed early cuneus activity was stronger during antisaccades, and later occipital gyrus activity was stronger(More)
DNA methylation has been traditionally viewed as a highly stable epigenetic mark in postmitotic cells. However, postnatal brains appear to show stimulus-induced methylation changes, at least in a few identified CpG dinucleotides. How extensively the neuronal DNA methylome is regulated by neuronal activity is unknown. Using a next-generation sequencing-based(More)
DNA methylation has critical roles in the nervous system and has been traditionally considered to be restricted to CpG dinucleotides in metazoan genomes. Here we show that the single base-resolution DNA methylome from adult mouse dentate neurons consists of both CpG (~75%) and CpH (~25%) methylation (H = A/C/T). Neuronal CpH methylation is conserved in(More)
Using two photon-guided focal stimulation, we found spike timing-dependent plasticity of proximal excitatory inputs to olfactory bulb granule cells that originated, in part, from cortical feedback projections. The protocol that potentiated proximal inputs depressed distal, dendrodendritic inputs to granule cells. Granule cell excitatory postsynaptic(More)
— New source-level models for aggregated HTTP traffic and a design for their integration with the TCP transport layer are built and validated using two large-scale collections of TCP/IP packet header traces. An implementation of the models and the design in the ns network simulator can be used to generate web traffic in network simulations.
Liu's inference is a process of deriving consequences from uncertain knowledge or evidence via the tool of conditional uncertainty. Using identification functions, this paper derives some expressions of Liu's inference rule for uncertain systems. This paper also discusses Liu's inference rule with multiple antecedents and with multiple if-then rules.
MOTIVATION Identifying different cancer classes or subclasses with similar morphological appearances presents a challenging problem and has important implication in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Clustering based on gene-expression data has been shown to be a powerful method in cancer class discovery. Non-negative matrix factorization is one such method(More)
Operators of large networks and providers of network services need to monitor and analyze the network traffic flowing through their systems. Monitoring requirements range from the long term (e.g., monitoring link utilizations, computing traffic matrices) to the ad-hoc (e.g. detecting network intrusions, debugging performance problems). Many of the(More)