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For a system of distributed processes, correctness can be ensured by (statically) checking whether their composition satisfies properties of interest. In contrast, Web services are being designed so that each partner discovers properties of others dynamically, through a published interface. Since the overall system may not be available statically and since(More)
Unlike many other existing model checkers, MOCHA is designed for the modular verification of heterogeneous systems. Instead of manipulating unstructured state‐transition graphs, it supports the hierarchical modeling framework of Reactive Modules. It overcomes the state‐explosion problem by exploiting the modular structure naturally present in many system(More)
ABTRACT Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) affects infants and is uniformly fatal without surgery. Post-surgery mortality rates are highly variable and dependent on postoperative management. The high mortality after the first stage surgery usually occurs within the first few days after procedure. Typically, the deaths are attributed to the unstable(More)
National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project is a project which is benefit people and welcomed by people. Since this project started in 2002, it has got great achievements. However, with continuous expansion of the coverage, new problems has coming up. Henan cultural information resources sharing project group not only considering those new(More)
Figure 1: Example of our shape segmentation results on one mixed shape dataset. The shapes on the left are part of training set, and some segmentation results are shown on the right. Abstract We propose a novel fully convolutional networks architecture for shapes, denoted as Shape Fully Convolutional Networks (SFCN). Similar to convolution and pooling(More)
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