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The development of inexpensive and highly productive biomass sources of biofuel is a priority in global climate change biology. Arundo donax, also known as the giant reed, is recognized as one of the most promising nonfood bioenergy crops in Europe. Despite its relevance, to date no genomic resources are available to support the characterization of the(More)
BACKGROUND Arundo donax L. (Poaceae) is considered one of the most promising energy crops in the Mediterranean region because of its high biomass yield and low input requirements, but to date no information on its transcriptional responses to water stress is available. RESULTS We obtained by Illumina-based RNA-seq the whole root and shoot transcriptomes(More)
Salt tolerance is an important agriculture character in Oryza sativa (rice). This paper proposed a framework of Support Vector Machine Recursive Feature Elimination (SVM-RFE) for analysing Oryza sativa microarray data from GEO. Through preliminary selection using t-test and iterative feature selection by SVM-RFE, we obtained 541 candidate genes. We analysed(More)
In this paper, we describe the potential trends of television industry in 2016. Now it seems that television has become an indispensable and critical smart terminal in ambient media researching field. After explaining the relation between ambient media and television industry, one consumer survey has been used to get more external opinions and subsequent(More)
Public digital screens are increasingly distributed in the urban cities. There are diverse technologies and services carried out for the interaction between users and the digital displays. Additionally, the desire and needs of applying interactive displays in students' village rather than constraint in the modern cities arises in recent years as well. Thus,(More)
—Transmitting electromagnetic signals through the conductive medium underground, the more successful method is through the earth to transmit electromagnetic signals. To enable the signals not be severely attenuated, usually the ultra-low frequency electromagnetic communication is more suitable for the downhole communication, which has an important research(More)
Author name disambiguation is an important problem that needs to be resolved in bibliometric analysis or tech mining. Many techniques have been presented; however, most of them require a long run time or additional information. A new method based on semantic fingerprints was presented to disambiguate author names without external data. A manually annotated(More)
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