Yuan Dongfeng

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High peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) has become one of the major disadvantages in OFDM system. Selective mapping (SLM) is an effective scheme to reduce PAPR. A novel scheme which uses convolutional code and 8-ask mapping based on SLM is presented in this paper. Simulation results show that the new scheme can reduce the PAPR significantly while the BER(More)
Ultra-Wideband (UWB) system mostly works in a dense multipath environment. It has been proved that good diversity gain can be obtained by a rake receiver over this kind of channel to resist multipath fading. In this paper, the Price and Green's rake receiver which is well known in CDMA system is used for UWB system with some necessary modifications. The(More)
In February 2002, the Federal Communications Commission allocated huge frequency band (3.6 - 10.1 GHz) for UWB communication. Now many wireless communication experts are considering using a variety of techniques to utilize the huge bandwidth. Based on the fact that the large bandwidth of UWB waveform significantly increases the ability of the receiver to(More)
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