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A conserved molecular cascade involving Nodal signaling that patterns the laterality of the lateral mesoderm in vertebrates has been extensively studied, but processes involved in the initial break of left-right (LR) symmetry are just beginning to be explored. Here we report that Na,K-ATPase alpha2 and Ncx4a function upstream of Nodal signaling to regulate(More)
Mitochondria play a central role in the regulation of programmed cell death signaling. Here, we report the finding of a mitochondrial matrix-targeted protein phosphatase 2C family member (PP2Cm) that regulates mitochondrial membrane permeability transition pore (MPTP) opening and is essential for cell survival, embryonic development, and cardiac function.(More)
Cardiac fibrillation, a form of cardiac arrhythmia, is the most common cause of embolic stroke and death associated with heart failure. The molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac fibrillation are largely unknown. Here we report a zebrafish model for cardiac fibrillation. The hearts of zebrafish tremblor (tre) mutants exhibit chaotic movements and fail to(More)
To investigate the frequencies of AZF microdeletions and chromosomal abnormalities in infertile men from Northeastern China. Moreover, to compare the prevalence of these abnormalities with other countries and regions in the world. 305 infertile men were enrolled. A complete semen analysis and reproductive hormones were measured according to standard(More)
Uptake and distribution of Cd, Pb and Zn by 19 wetland plant species were investigated with experiments in small-scale plot constructed wetlands, into which artificial wastewater dosed with Cd, Pb and Zn at concentrations of 0.5, 2.0 and 5.0mgl(-1) was irrigated. The results showed that the removal efficiency of Cd, Pb and Zn from the wastewater were more(More)
A unique avian-origin A/H7N9 influenza virus has so far caused 134 cases with 44 deaths. Probing the host factors contributing to disease severity, we found that lower levels of plasma inflammatory cytokines on hospital admission correlated with faster recovery in 18 patients with A/H7N9 influenza virus, whereas high concentrations of (in particular) IL-6,(More)
Chinese word segmentation (CWS), named entity recognition (NER) and part-ofspeech tagging is the lexical processing in Chinese language. This paper describes the work on these tasks done by France Telecom Team (Beijing) at the fourth International Chinese Language Processing Bakeoff. In particular, we employ Conditional Random Fields with different features(More)
Due to the increasing number of applications (and their data) being placed on mobile devices, access to dependable storage is becoming a key issue in mobile system design -- and cloud storage is becoming an attractive solution. However, this introduces a number of new issues related to unpredictable wireless network connectivity and data privacy over the(More)
We have previously demonstrated that there is a relationship between the aspect ratio (AR) of CeO2 nanoparticles and in vitro hazard potential. CeO2 nanorods with AR ≥ 22 induced lysosomal damage and progressive effects on IL-1β production and cytotoxicity in the human myeloid cell line, THP-1. In order to determine whether this toxicological paradigm for(More)