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Chinese word segmentation (CWS), named entity recognition (NER) and part-of-speech tagging is the lexical processing in Chinese language. This paper describes the work on these tasks done by France Tele-com Team (Beijing) at the fourth International Chinese Language Processing Bake-off. In particular, we employ Conditional Random Fields with different(More)
A conserved molecular cascade involving Nodal signaling that patterns the laterality of the lateral mesoderm in vertebrates has been extensively studied, but processes involved in the initial break of left-right (LR) symmetry are just beginning to be explored. Here we report that Na,K-ATPase alpha2 and Ncx4a function upstream of Nodal signaling to regulate(More)
Due to substantial morbidity and high complications, diabetes mellitus is considered as the third "killer" in the world. A search for alternative antidiabetic drugs from herbs or fungi is highly demanded. Our present study aims to investigate the antidiabetic activities of Cordyceps militaris on diet-streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetes mellitus in rats.(More)
Joint factor analysis (JFA) has been successfully applied to speaker verification tasks to tackle speaker and session variability. In the sense of Bayesian statistics, it is beneficial to take account of the uncertainties in JFA to better characterize its speaker enrollment and verification processes, e.g. representing target speaker model by posteriori(More)
The negative effect of the session variability has become more and more severe for the performance of the speaker verification system. This paper discusses the eigenchannel compensation and investigates the symmetric scoring method to diminish the session variability and further enhance the performance. Experiments were conducted on the core tests of the(More)
Hardware interrupts are widely used in the world's critical software systems to support preemptive threads, device drivers, operating system kernels, and hypervisors. Handling interrupts properly is an essential component of low-level system programming. Unfortunately, interrupts are also extremely hard to reason about: they dramatically alter the program(More)
A substrate integrated waveguide with square complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRs) etched on the waveguide surface is investigated in this paper. The proposed structures allow the implementation of a forward-wave passband propagating below the characteristic cutoff frequency of the waveguide. By changing the orientations of the CSRRs, which are(More)
A major challenge for verifying complete software systems is their complexity. A complete software system consists of program modules that use many language features and span different abstraction levels (e.g., user code and run-time system code). It is extremely difficult to use one verification system (e.g., type system or Hoare-style program logic) to(More)
This paper examines techniques that allow a well-trained source system built on one task to be rapidly adapted, or ported, to another target task. The two tasks considered in this paper are Hub5, or Switchboard, as the source system and VoiceMail as the target task. The two tasks are acoustically similar, both being telephone-bandwidth speech tasks, but(More)