Yuan-Dong Lan

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Classification is a very important part in the domain of pattern recognition. However, single classifier has many defects, such as very finite applicability and low accuracy. Combining multiple classifiers can overcome the defects. Method of combining the classification powers of several classifiers is regarded as a general problem in various application(More)
The performance and feasibility of immobilization biological activated carbon (IBAC) were investigated to treat micro-pollutant water containing nitrobenzene. IBAC has been developed on the granular activated carbon by immobilization of selected and acclimated species of engineering bacteria to treat the micro-pollutant water containing nitrobenzene. The(More)
A method of designing pattern recognition systems, known as the multiple classifier system, has emerged over recent years to address the practical problem of designing classification systems with improved accuracy and efficiency. The aim is to design a composite system that outperforms any individual classifier by pooling together the decisions of all(More)
On the basis of the theory of radio wave propagation, the author specifically discussed the 2.4GHz band radio wave propagation characteristics, and based the Zigbee RF module specific circuit designed, analyzed the impact of the transmission distance circuit factors, reference IEEE 802.15.4a channel loss model, derived the estimation formula for the maximum(More)
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