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A central issue of nanoelectronics concerns their fundamental scaling limits, that is, the smallest and most energy-efficient devices that can function reliably. Unlike charge-based electronics that are prone to leakage at nanoscale dimensions, memory devices based on phase change materials (PCMs) are more scalable, storing digital information as the(More)
Two-dimensional orthogonal matching pursuit (2D-OMP) algorithm is an extension of the one-dimensional OMP (1D-OMP), whose complexity and memory usage are lower than the 1D-OMP when they are applied to 2D sparse signal recovery. However, the major shortcoming of the 2D-OMP still resides in long computing time. To overcome this disadvantage, we develop a(More)
The M-ary source with nonstationary correlation can be encoded with a single binary low-density parity-check (LDPC) code and decoded together in distributed source coding. The joint-bitplane belief propagation (JBBP) is a useful decoding algorithm for multiple bitplanes of an M-ary source. However, it suffers from the drawbacks of low computational(More)
Dynamic capacity increase in high voltage electric power transmission line is currently the most economical method for solving electric power transmission bottleneck nowadays. Temperature measurement error of the transmission line will affect the calculated current capacity of the transmission line. In this paper, conductor temperature model was applied to(More)
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