Yuan-Ching Tsai

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Sub-QTLs and multiple intra-QTL genes are hypothesized to underpin large-effect QTLs. Known QTLs over gene families, biosynthetic pathways or certain traits represent functional gene-clusters of genes of the same gene ontology (GO). Gene-clusters containing genes of different GO have not been elaborated, except in silico as coexpressed genes within QTLs.(More)
Spot detection is an essential step in 2-DE gel image analysis. The results of protein spot detection may substantially influence subsequent stages of analysis. This study presents a novel method for spot detection with the addition of confidence evaluation for each detected spot. The confidence of a spot provides useful hints for subsequent processing,(More)
Rice is a facultative short-day plant, and it requires a photoperiod shorter than the critical day length to get flowering. Sensitivity to photoperiod has been suggested as a major selection target in cultivated or weedy rice. The modern rice varieties in Taiwan may be cultivated twice a year. These varieties contain loss-of-function of two important(More)
Rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the most important crops in the world. Several rice insertional mutant libraries are publicly available for systematic analysis of gene functions. However, the tagging efficiency of these mutant resources-the relationship between genotype and phenotype-is very low. We used whole-genome sequencing to analyze a T-DNA-tagged(More)
The repeat sequences occupied more than 50 % of soybean genome. In order to understand where these repeat sequences distributed in soybean genome and its related Glycine species, we examined three new repeat sequences—soybean repeat sequence (SBRS1, SBRS2 and SBRS3), some nonspecific repeat sequences and 45S rDNA on several Glycine species, including annual(More)
Archaeobotanical remains of millet were found at the Nan-kuan-li East site in Tainan Science Park, southern Taiwan. This site, dated around 5000–4300 BP, is characterized by remains of the Tapenkeng culture, the earliest Neolithic culture found so far in Taiwan. A large number of millet-like carbonized and charred seeds with varied sizes and shapes were(More)
OBJECTIVES This research used expiratory muscle strength training to explore the factors relevant to medical professionals with voice disorders. The maximal expiratory pressure (MEP) improved, which is measured by the maximal contracting force of expiratory muscles. The expiratory muscle strength increased, which can affect the positive pressure of(More)
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