Yuan-Chih Yu

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As the use of smartphones become popular, people heavily depend on smartphone applications to deal with their social activities. For this reason, traditional message texting between mobile applications does not fulfill the versatile requirements of social networking. Many mobile applications use multimodality to deliver multimedia messages including(More)
In this paper, we propose a prototype of smart furniture for the smart home— " a magic mirror table ". The proposed system has a camera to capture the viewer's facial expression. By analyzing the expressions, the system is able to determine the emotion of the viewer. If the viewer is in a negative emotion, the system then speaks positive sentences and plays(More)
When disaster strikes the urban community, residents may suffer life-threatening, environmental impact, and economic loss. Meanwhile, the cellular and Internet services are prone to be fail because the disaster may cause the network infrastructure damage. As the communication service is so important for the disaster response, we suggest an emergency social(More)
The power of big data gives us an unprecedented chance to understand, analyze, and recreate the world, while open data ensures that power be shared and widely exploited. Open and big data has become the emerging topics for researchers and governments. Thus, the related privacy issues also become an emerging urgent problem. In this work, we propose a(More)
Although the Total Cost of Ownership of the cloud deployment is cheaper than on-premises or colocation, the accumulated costs of usage on the cloud is not an overlooked spending for small and middle-sized business and is particularly vulnerable to spend overhead due to the unmanaged and insouciant increased nodes. Shortly, renting more nodes to improve the(More)
This paper describes a smart home system consisting of Smart Door Porch and a home portal. Smart Door Porch uses cameras, an RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader, and a touch panel for home security as well as the at-home awareness of each family member. The home portal uses Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework and Java EE as the(More)
As the use of smartphones become more widespread, people begin to utilize smartphone applications to deal with their social interaction. Although smartphone provides many communicative applications for real-time voice or video telephony, it still faces the social behaviour missing problem. Without face to face interaction, people may fail to detect the(More)