Yuan-Chieh Cheng

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The conventional auto-focus and zoom image systems were made by a set of motor-moved lenses. Because of mechanical moving parts, it is not easy to miniaturize their sizes. In this paper, we propose a thin autofocus system using a large stroke MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) deformable mirror which has the potential to downscale the size and to(More)
INTRODUCTION The optical components with micro structure have been extremely developing and applied to optoelectronic devices for the past decade [1-3], such as light uniform for micro projectors and the light guide plate for liquid crystal display (LCD). The most used structures are one or multi-direction V-groove and micro lens array. The processes for(More)
Miniaturization is an essential trend in the design of portable devices. Motor-driven lens technology is a traditional way to achieve autofocus and optical zoom functions. This approach usually requires considerable space and consumes significant power. Reflective optics is a methodology that not only can fold the optical path, but it has the advantage of(More)
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