Yuan-Chang Zhou

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The most sustainable approach to control rice blast disease is to develop durably resistant cultivars. In molecular breeding for rice blast resistance, markers developed based on polymorphisms between functional and non-functional alleles of resistance genes, can provide precise and accurate selection of resistant genotypes without the need for difficult,(More)
Using a recessive mutant with enhanced salt tolerance at seedling stage obtained from an indica rice cultivar R401 by gamma-ray irradiation, a novel gene controlling salt tolerance in rice was previously mapped to a 406-kb region on chromosome 6. We named the gene Seedling Salt Tolerance (SST). In this study, with a large F2 population derived from a cross(More)
Petunia (Petunia × hybrida Vilm.) is an important horticultural crop conserved in the National Genebank of China. Here, a droplet-vitrification cryopreservation protocol was developed for petunia shoot tips. An orthogonal array experiment and additional one-factor experiments were performed to optimize key variables, including the age of in vitro plants,(More)
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