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Ab ¡ stract T ¢ his pape r de monstrates how an Ins truction Path Co-pr £ ocessor (I-COP) can be efficiently implemented using the P ¤ ipeRench reconfigurable architecture. An I-COP is a pro-gr ¥ ammable on-chip coprocessor that operates on the core pr £ ocessor's instructions to tr ansform them into a new format t ¦ hat can be more efficiently executed.(More)
Exchange assays have often been used to quantitate steroid receptors when endogenous ligands are present; however, there are no reports of their successful application to activated glucocorticoid-Type II receptor complexes. In addition to investigating the reasons for this failure, the present study also examined the effects of progesterone on(More)
This paper presents the concept of dynamic control independence (DCl) and shows how it can be detected and exploited in an out-of-order superscalar processor to reduce the performance penalties of branch mispredictions. We show how DCI can be leveraged during branch misprediction recovery to reduce the number of instructions squashed on a misprediction as(More)
<italic>This paper presents the concept of an Instruction Path Coprocessor (I-COP), which is a programmable on-chip coprocessor, with its own mini-instruction set, that operates on the core processor's instructions to transform them into an internal format that can be more efficiently executed. It is located off the critical path of the core processor to(More)
In the present study we have examined the expression of mineralocorticoid Type I and glucocorticoid Type II receptors in astrocyte glia maintained in culture for different periods of time. Cytosolic mineralocorticoid Type I receptors were labeled with [3H]aldosterone (ALDO) in the presence of a 500-fold molar excess of the potent Type II receptor ligand RU(More)
Abstract The purpose of this study was to characterize and compare the properties of glucocorticoid Type II receptors in neuronal and astrocyte glial cultures prepared from rat brain. Type II receptors in cytosol prepared from cultured cells were labeled with [(3) H]dexamethasone (DEX) at 0 degrees C. The binding was saturable and specific, with a complete(More)
Simultaneous multithreading is a recently proposed technique in which instructions from multiple threads are dispatched and/or issued concurrently in every clock cycle. This technique has been claimed to improve the latency of multithreaded programs and the throughput of multiprogrammed workloads with a minimal increase in hardware complexity. This paper(More)
Membranes prepared from either neuronal or glial cultures contain alpha 2-adrenergic receptors as determined by the characteristics of [3H]yohimbine [( 3H]YOH) binding. The binding was rapid, reversible, saturable, dependent on the protein concentration used, and reached equilibrium by 5 min in membranes from both neuronal and glial cultures. Scatchard(More)
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography has been used to demonstrate an increase in the surface hydrophobicity of [3H]triamcinolone acetonide ([3H]TA)-labeled type II receptors in mouse brain cytosol following transformation of these receptor complexes to the activated DNA-binding form. After removing unbound [3H]TA and molybdate (which prevents activation)(More)
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