Yuan-Bin Chang

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A primary dissociation channel of Br(2) elimination is detected following a single-photon absorption of (COBr)(2) at 248 nm by using cavity ring-down absorption spectroscopy. The technique contains two laser beams propagating in a perpendicular configuration. The tunable laser beam along the axis of the ring-down cell probes the Br(2) fragment in the(More)
By using time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared emission spectroscopy, the fragments of HCN(v = 1, 2) and CO(v = 1-3) are detected in one-photon dissociation of acetyl cyanide (CH(3)COCN) at 308 nm. The S(1)(A(")), (1)(n(O), π(∗) (CO)) state at 308 nm has a radiative lifetime of 0.46 ± 0.01 μs, long enough to allow for Ar collisions that induce internal(More)
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