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Collaborative awareness (CA) is the base of natural interaction. After years of research, there is still not a clear overall picture of CA in CSCW community. Many different viewpoints are mixed up and research on CA is chaos. In particular, designers don't know how to articulate CA information into collaborative systems. The issue is that there is no(More)
Though 20 years have passed since the birth of CSCW, the original goal of it is not reached as well as people expected. This situation is mostly due to the supporting technology especially the infrastructure. Today, great changes have taken place in technology, including grid computing and Web services. These technologies, we think, significantly affect the(More)
As a new branch of grid computing, e-Learning grid is emerging as a nationwide e-Learning infrastructure, which can provide innovative learning experience for learners. In such a grid environment, collaboration services will be the key elements due to the pervasive requirement for cooperative work and collaborative learning. Although there exist enormous(More)
Sex differentiation of flower buds is an important developmental process that directly affects fruit yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Plant hormones, such as gibberellins (GAs) and ethylene can promote development of male and female flowers, respectively, however, the regulatory mechanisms of GA-induced male flower formation and potential involvement(More)
Cooperative work support is one goal of grid computing, according to the requirements for cooperative work support in different community, the paper proposes a CSCW-oriented grid architecture using service oriented architecture (SOA) approach. Based on the architecture, learning assessment grid (LAGrid) is designed and deployed for business of formative(More)
The computer and the Internet have brought human with great capabilities of collaborating across geographically distributed places. With the booming of grid technology and service-oriented computing (SOC), it's possible for people to solve problems collaboratively through the large-scale sharing and coordinated use of resources. Learning assessment grid(More)
Stigma is a crucial structure of female reproductive organ in plants. Stigma color is usually regarded as an important trait in variety identification in some species, but the molecular mechanism of stigma color formation remains elusive. Here, we characterized a tomato mutant, yellow stigma (ys), that shows yellow rather than typical green color in the(More)
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