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China’s consumer-to-consumer (C2C) electronic market has been growing very rapidly. The largest Chinese online auction company. Eachnet. was purchased by eBay but faced tough competition from a new Chinese online auction company, Taobao. Now Taobao’s market share is twice as large as eBay’s. Why has eBay quickly lost its market share to the newly launched(More)
With the popularity and growth of social media, social commerce has been quickly emerged as a new phenomenon. It represents a shift in consumers’ thinking from individual decisions to collaborative decision. However it has not yet been fully understood, especially about the business model of different types of social commerce. This paper offers a literature(More)
Internet advertisement has been growing rapidly in recent years. Theoretically, with the feature of wide-accessibility, information richness, multimedia presentation, and flexible interaction, advertising on the web is believed to be more attractive than on the traditional media, such as printed newspapers and televisions. In reality, however, the effect of(More)
One of the most promising candidates for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting photoanode is hematite (α-Fe2O3) due to its narrow bandgap and chemical stability. However, the poor bulk/surface kinetics of hematite limits its PEC performance. Herein, a facile two-step approach is reported to synergistically improve the PEC performance of Fe2O3. First,(More)
In U.S. business cycles, residential investment differs from consumption and business investment in two respects. First, residential investment leads GDP while business investment lags and consumption coincides with GDP. Second, residential investment is more volatile than consumption and business investment. The literature attempts to account for these two(More)
China’s C2C electronic market has been growing very rapidly. Eachnet, which had been the largest Chinese online auction company, after merging with eBay, quickly lost its market share to a newly-launched Chinese company, Taobao. What is the nature of the market? What strategy is the most suitable to the current Chinese market and likely to lead to success?(More)
Recent advances in supply chain management information systems (SCM IS) have enabled firms to more fully collaborate with their supply chain partners — driving out costs while increasing responsiveness to market demands. This chapter examines various types of SCM IS — from traditional EDI systems to more recent Web-services-based e-business applications. It(More)
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