YuBin Guo

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Growth hormone, acting through its receptor (GHR), plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism and in promoting postnatal growth. GHR gene-deficient (GHR(-/-)) mice exhibit severe growth retardation and proportionate dwarfism. To assess the physiological relevance of growth hormone actions, GHR(-/-) mice were used to investigate their phenotype in(More)
The improvement and implementation of a colonoscopy technique has led to increased detection of laterally spreading tumors (LSTs), which are presumed to constitute an aggressive type of colonic neoplasm. Early diagnosis and treatment of LSTs is clinically challenging. To overcome this problem, we employed iTRAQ to identify LST-specific protein biomarkers(More)
In this paper the concept of Fuzzy IBE schemes with some fixed attributes (SAA-FIBE) is proposed and one construction of it is presented. SAA-FIBE scheme can be viewed as a variant of SW scheme described in \cite{SahaiW05} which demanding no fixed positive or negative attributes. In our scheme, a user with identity $ \omega $ can decrypt the message that is(More)
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