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Induced vacuum current and magnetic field in the background of a cosmic string
Vacuum polarization effects in the cosmic string background are considered. We find that a current is induced in the vacuum of the quantized massive scalar field and that the current circulatesExpand
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Electronic properties of graphene with a topological defect
Abstract Various types of topological defects in graphene are considered in the framework of the continuum model for long-wavelength electronic excitations, which is based on the Dirac–Weyl equation.Expand
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On the possible induced charge on a graphitic nanocone at finite temperature
Electronic excitations in a graphitic monolayer (graphene) in the long-wavelength approximation are characterized by the linear dispersion law, representing a unique example of the reallyExpand
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Fractionalization of angular momentum at finite temperature around a magnetic vortex
Abstract Ambiguities in the definition of angular momentum of a quantum-mechanical particle in the presence of a magnetic vortex are reviewed. We show that the long-standing problem of the adequateExpand
Induced vacuum energy-momentum tensor in the background of a cosmic string
A massive scalar field is quantized in the background of a cosmic string which is generalized to a static flux-carrying codimension-2 brane in the locally flat multidimensional spacetime. We findExpand
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On the effective lagrangian in spinor electrodynamics with added violation of Lorentz and CPT-symmetries
Abstract. We consider quantum electrodynamics with additional coupling of spinor fields to the space-time independent axial vector violating both Lorentz and CPT-symmetries. The Fock-SchwingerExpand
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Vacuum polarization effects in the cosmic string background
A charged scalar field is quantized in the background of a cosmic string which is generalized to a (d - 2)-brane in locally flat (d + 1)-dimensional space-time. The induced vacuum current is found toExpand
Optical theorem for Aharonov–Bohm scattering
Quantum-mechanical scattering off a magnetic vortex is considered, and the optical theorem is derived. The vortex core is assumed to be impermeable to scattered particles, and its transverse size isExpand
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Nonlocality, Self-Adjointness and Theta-Vacuum in Quantum Field Theory in Spaces with Nontrivial Topology
We consider an analogue of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in quantum field theory: the fermionic vacuum attains nontrivial quantum numbers in the background of a magnetic vortex even in the case when theExpand
Electromagnetic Field in de Sitter Expanding Universe: Majorana--Oppenheimer Formalism, Exact Solutions in non-Static Coordinates
Tetrad-based generalized complex formalism by Majorana--Oppenheimer is applied to treat electromagnetic field in extending de Sitter Universe in on-static spherically-symmetric coordinates. With theExpand