Yu. A. Shchemerova

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Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of prostatotropic agents was carried out in rat experiments. Serenoa repens plant preparation and polypeptides isolated from the cattle prostate were used for(More)
A course of dihydroquercetin (antioxidant) injections to 5-month-old Wistar rats with sulpiride-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia led to reduction of proliferative activity in the glandular(More)
Progeny of Wistar rats treated with vepesid 1, 3, and 6 months before mating is characterized by common pathological changes. These changes were more pronounced and more diverse in animals descending(More)
Effectiveness of the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor immobilized by using electronbeam synthesis nanotechnology was investigated on the model of experimental testicular failure caused by the(More)
We studied possible toxic effects of antiviral drug Kagocel on reproductive function in pubertal male rats. The drug was administered in therapeutic and 10-fold higher doses throughout the(More)
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