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The dengue virus (DENV) has four distinct serotypes (DENV1, DENV2, DENV3, and DENV4) that require differentiation for effective prevention of morbid diseases. The recently developed DENV1-specific NS1 antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on the monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) that recognize distinct epitopes on nonstructural protein(More)
Rapid diagnosis and serotyping of dengue virus (DV) infections are important for timely clinical management and epidemiological control in areas where multiple flaviviruses are endemic. However, the speed and accuracy of diagnosis must be balanced against test cost and availability, especially in developing countries. We developed a specific antigen capture(More)
The diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis (IA) based on the detection of Aspergillus galactomannan (GM) is complicated by the presence of cross-reactive GM epitopes in patient specimens. We have developed a novel and specific Aspergillus antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) by the selection of two well-characterized monoclonal antibodies(More)
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) is caused mainly by the human enterovirus type 71 (HEV71) and the Coxsackievirus A group type 16 (CVA16). Large outbreaks of disease have occurred frequently in the Asia-Pacific region. Reliable methods are needed for diagnosis of HFMD in childen. IgM-capture ELISA, with its notable advantages of convenience and low cost,(More)
Early and accurate diagnosis of dengue infection is essential for control of disease outbreaks. Recently, the dengue virus non-structural antigen 1 (NS1), a conserved and secreted glycoprotein, has been used as a marker for early diagnosis of dengue with convenience and cost-effectiveness. Serological tests of dengue IgM and IgG antibodies are still the(More)
Dengue virus (DENV), a member of the Flavivirus family, has four distinct serotypes (DENV serotype 1 [DENV1], DENV2, DENV3, and DENV4) that require differentiation for the effective prevention of morbid disease. Early and rapid differentiation between flaviviruses remains challenging. Full assays combining four individual, serotype-specific and one(More)
A rapid antigen test for the diagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is essential for control of this disease at the point of management. The nucleocapsid (N) protein of SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is abundantly expressed in infected-cell culture filtrate as demonstrable by Western blotting using convalescent-phase sera from(More)
Dengue virus (DENV) is a mosquito-borne virus that causes severe health problems. An effective tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate that can provide life-long protection simultaneously against all four DENV serotypes is highly anticipated. A better understanding of the antibody response to DENV envelope protein domain III (EDIII) may offer insights into(More)
The dengue virus (DENV) nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) is an immunogenic protein that holds potential for the development of vaccines and diagnostic reagents; however, the epitopes of NS1 have not been comprehensively mapped. We mapped B-cell linear epitopes on NS1 using 149 monoclonal antibodies with DENV serotype specificity and cross-reactivity as well as(More)
BACKGROUND Enterovirus (EV)-related hand, foot, and mouth disease/herpangina (HFMD/HA) has been prevalent in Guangdong Province, China, since 2010. METHODS Clinical data for EV-related HFMD/HA inpatients admitted to the Department of Paediatrics of Zhujiang Hospital from 2010 to 2013 were retrospectively reviewed. The corresponding EV serotypes were also(More)