Yu-qiang Ma

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Plant microtubules are found to be strongly associated with the cell cortex and to experience polymerization/depolymerization processes that are responsible for the organization of microtubule cortical array. Here we propose a minimal model that incorporates the basic assembly dynamics and intermicrotubule interaction to understand the unexplored phase(More)
The major challenge in cancer therapy is to efficiently translocate drug molecules into cancer tumors without doing any damage to healthy tissues. Since there exist pH gradients between tumor and normal tissues, pH-sensitive materials may have great potential to overcome such challenge. Here, we report one new type of pH-responsive drug delivery system(More)
Topological defects frequently emerge in active matter like bacterial colonies, cytoskeleton extracts on substrates, self-propelled granular or colloidal layers and so on, but their dynamical properties and the relations to large-scale organization and fluctuations in these active systems are seldom touched. Here we reveal, through a simple model for active(More)
Because of the stochastic nature of biochemical processes, the copy number of any given type of molecule inside a living cell often exhibits large temporal fluctuations. Here, we develop analytic methods to investigate how the noise arising from a bursting input is reshaped by a transport reaction which is either linear or of the Michaelis-Menten type. A(More)
Semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) have attracted a lot of attention recently, because of their interesting electronic, optical, and mechanical properties. Among large numbers of TMDCs, monolayer of tungsten diselenides (WSe2) is of particular interest since it possesses a direct band gap and tunable charge transport behaviors, which(More)
Physical penetration of lipid bilayer membranes presents an alternative pathway for cellular delivery of nanoparticles (NPs) besides endocytosis. NPs delivered through this pathway could reach the cytoplasm, thereby opening the possibility of organelle-specific targeting. Herein we perform dissipative particle dynamics simulations to elucidate the(More)
The utilization of black phosphorus and its monolayer (phosphorene) and few-layers in field-effect transistors has attracted a lot of attention to this elemental two-dimensional material. Various studies on optimization of black phosphorus field-effect transistors, PN junctions, photodetectors, and other applications have been demonstrated. Although(More)
The solution viscosity near an interface, which affects the solution behavior and the molecular dynamics in the solution, differs from the bulk. This paper measured the effective viscosity of a dilute poly (ethylene glycol) (PEG) solution adjacent to a Au electrode using the quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) technique. We evidenced that(More)
Melting is considered to be one of the most fundamental problems in physical science. Generally, dimensionality plays an important role in melting. In three-dimension, it's well known that a crystal melts directly into a liquid via a first-order transition. In two-dimension (2D), however, the melting process has been widely debated whether it is a(More)