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Macrophages and neutrophils are the pivotal immune phagocytes that enter the wound after tissue injury to remove the cell debris and invaded microorganisms, which presumably facilitate the regrowth of injured tissues. Taking advantage of the regeneration abilities of zebrafish and the newly generated leukocyte-specific zebrafish lines with labeling of both(More)
A multi-body dynamics model of commercial vehicle cab suspension was built with ADAMS through the interactive method. The cab suspension model was simulated with vibration transmission characteristics methods. The model accuracy was testified by comparing with both bench test and road test results. The simulation model was optimized by Sequential Quadratic(More)
Based on a cab suspension system of a commercial vehicle, a multi-body dynamic model was built on ADAMS Software for the vibration modal analysis. An Experiment was taken for the verification of the model's accuracy. Through the energy decoupling theory, the cab suspension system was optimized. By analyzing the optimized parameters, the suspension's(More)
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