Yu-mei Zhao

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The dose-dependent protection of taurine against experimental stroke has been demonstrated previously. The objective of this study was to investigate the therapeutic window of taurine against experimental stroke, and the effects of delayed administration of taurine on inflammatory reaction in a rat model of stroke. Rats received 2-h ischemia by intraluminal(More)
OBJECTIVE To get some anatomical knowledge about the second mesiobuccal canal (MB2) of the maxillary second molar of Shandong region by studying the teeth in vitro. The anatomical knowledge may help us to improve the successful rate of root canal therapy of the maxillary molar. METHODS 118 maxillary second molars were collected from the different region(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of extract from Pongamia pinnata roots on experimental gastric ulcer and screen the effective fraction. METHOD The models of gastric mucosa damage were induced by absolute alcohol in rats and reserpine in mice to observed the effect of ethyl alcohol extract from P. pinnata roots (PRE) and different parts on experimental(More)
OBJECTIVE To prepare breviscapine pro-liposomes and evaluate its properties and stability, as well as its interaction with the mimic-membrane. METHODS Breviscapine liposomes were prepared by thin film-lyophilization method. Phase inversion temperature was measured by electrical conductance method and coalescence kinetics was studied. Water/n-octanol(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to analyse the fluoride distribution in deciduous teeth enamel after using Duraphat varnish,and to supply the evidence for preventing deciduous caries by using Duraphat varnish. METHODS After coating Duraphat varnish, the alteration of fluoride distribution in the enamel was observed with electron probe micro-analysis.(More)
PURPOSE To study the optical density (OD) of primary dental dentine and provide data for further research. METHODS The Digora system of dental digital radiography was used to acquire digital radiographic images of cross sections from 32 deciduous maxillary central incisors, and to measure the OD values of different depth (outer, middle and inner layers)(More)
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