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Acid soluble collagen (ASC) from scales of croceine croaker (ASC-C) was successfully isolated with the yield of 0.37% ± 0.08% (dry weight basis), and characterized as type I collagen on the basis of amino acid analysis and electrophoretic pattern. The antioxidant hydrolysate of ASC-C (ACH) was prepared through a two-stage in vitro digestion (4-h trypsin(More)
It is well documented that mitotic arrest deficiency (MAD)2B can inhibit the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) via cadherin (Cdh)1 and, consequently, can destroy the effective mitotic spindle checkpoint control. Podocytes have been observed to rapidly detach and die when being forced to bypass cell cycle checkpoints. However, the role of MAD2B, a(More)
LYR motif-containing 1 (LYRM1) was recently discovered to be involved in adipose tissue homeostasis and obesity-associated insulin resistance. We previously demonstrated that LYRM1 overexpression might contribute to insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction. Additionally, knockdown of LYRM1 enhanced insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function in(More)
It is generally accepted that the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based platform is the development trend of service platform for fixed and mobile convergence. With a variety of multimedia services provided flexibly by IMS, feature interaction between different sessions may appear. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to detect and resolve feature(More)
The glomerular parietal epithelial cells (PECs) have aroused an increasing attention recently. The proliferation of PECs is the main feature of crescentic glomerulonephritis; besides that, in the past decade, PEC activation has been identified in several types of noninflammatory glomerulonephropathies, such as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, diabetic(More)
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