Yu-mei Chang

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BACKGROUND Melanoma risk is related to sun exposure; we have investigated risk variation by tumour site and latitude. METHODS We performed a pooled analysis of 15 case-control studies (5700 melanoma cases and 7216 controls), correlating patterns of sun exposure, sunburn and solar keratoses (three studies) with melanoma risk. Pooled odds ratios (pORs) and(More)
BACKGROUND We report the determinants of serum levels of vitamin D in a U.K. melanoma case-control study benefitting from detailed exposure and genotyping data. METHODS Sun exposure, supplemental vitamin D, and SNPs reported to be associated with serum levels were assessed as predictors of a single serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 measurement adjusted for(More)
We report an investigation of gene dosage at 9p21.3 and mutations in BRAF and NRAS, as predictors of relapse and histological markers of poor melanoma prognosis. Formalin-fixed primary melanomas from 74 relapsed and 42 nonrelapsed patients were sequenced for common BRAF and NRAS mutations (N = 71 results) and gene dosage at 9p21.3 including the genes CDKN2A(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the frequency and correlates of skin examination behaviors in an international sample of individuals at varying risk of developing melanoma. DESIGN A cross-sectional, web-based survey. SETTING Data were collected from the general population over a 20-month period on behalf of the Melanoma Genetics Consortium (GenoMEL). (More)
BACKGROUND Mutations in the CDKN2A and CDK4 genes predispose to melanoma. From three case-control studies of cutaneous melanoma, we estimated the prevalence and predictors of these mutations for people from regions with widely differing latitudes and melanoma incidence. METHODS Population-based cases and controls from the United Kingdom (1586 cases, 499(More)
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