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Bone morphogenetic protein-2 antagonizes renal interstitial fibrosis by promoting catabolism of type I transforming growth factor-beta receptors.
The results suggest that BMP-2 acts as a novel fibrosis antagonizing cytokine partly by down-regulating TGF-beta RI and Smads. Expand
High glucose decreases endothelial cell proliferation via the extracellular signal regulated kinase/p15(INK4b) pathway.
High glucose inhibits endothelial cell proliferation. Thus, we studied cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p15(INK4b) in high glucose-induced effects in human umbilical endothelial cells at 24h. HighExpand
Advanced glycation end‐product‐induced mitogenesis and collagen production are dependent on angiotensin II and connective tissue growth factor in NRK‐49F cells
It is concluded that AGE (150 μg/ml)‐induced mitogenesis and type I collagen production are dependent on the Ang II‐JAK2‐CTGF pathway in NRK‐49F cells. Expand
Computer-assisted pedicle screw placement for thoracolumbar spine fracture with separate spinal reference clamp placement and registration.
Separate spinal reference clamp placement in the instrumented vertebra provides real-time virtual imaging that decreases the possibility of downward displacement during manual installation of the screw. Expand
Advanced glycation end‐products activate extracellular signal‐regulated kinase via the oxidative stress‐EGF receptor pathway in renal fibroblasts
It was found that AGEs‐induced mitogenesis is dependent on the RAGE–ROS–EGFR–ERK1/2 pathway whereas AGES‐activated ERK1 /2 is dependenton the Rage–Ros–EGfr pathway in NRK‐49F cells. Expand
CD36 is a novel and potential anti‐fibrogenic target in albumin‐induced renal proximal tubule fibrosis
It is demonstrated that albumin was shown significantly to inhibit cell growth without affecting hypertrophy status since protein content and cell size remained unaffected under albumin treatment and CD36 may mediate albumin‐induced cellular fibrosis since CD36 siRNA appeared to have anti‐fibrosis effects. Expand
Advanced glycation end-product-induced mitogenesis is dependent on Janus kinase 2-induced heat shock protein 70 in normal rat kidney interstitial fibroblast cells.
It was concluded that AGE-induced Hsp70 protein expression and tyrosine phosphorylation are dependent on JAK2 in NRK-49F cells. Expand
Safflower extract: A novel renal fibrosis antagonist that functions by suppressing autocrine TGF‐beta
It is suggested that safflower is a novel renal fibrosis antagonist that functions by down‐regulating TGF‐β signals. Expand
BMP‐2 suppresses renal interstitial fibrosis by regulating epithelial–mesenchymal transition
The underlying mechanism and elucidate the regulation of EMT process under BMP‐2 treatment are examined and the potential to attenuate TGF‐β1‐induced renal interstitial fibrosis is attenuated by attenuating Snail expression and reversing E MT process is considered. Expand
Thrombospondin-1 mediates distal tubule hypertrophy induced by glycated albumin.
Regulation of TSP-1 might be critical for hyperglycaemic distal renal tubule hypertrophy and TFD (transcription factor decoy) for AP-1 could attenuate the AGE-induced increases in T SP-1 levels and cellularhypertrophy. Expand