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Carbon (C) dynamics are central to understanding ecosystem restoration effects within the context of Grain for Green Project (GGP). GGP stared in China since 2003 to improve the environment. Despite its importance, how total forest ecosystem C stock (FECS) develops following land-use changes from cropland to plantation is poorly understood, in particular(More)
In this paper, a two-stage approach consisting of coarse and fine segmentation is adopted. For the characters, whose vertical projections combine together, but they don't connected themselves, we confine them in a window and segment them with a curve line which is acquired by connecting all the middle points in sequence. For the characters connected only by(More)
In this letter, the uniform 4H silicon carbide (SiC) mesopores was fabricated by pulsed electrochemical etching method. The length of the mesopores is about 19 μm with a diameter of about 19 nm. The introduction of pause time (T off) is crucial to form the uniform 4H-SiC mesopores. The pore diameter will not change if etching goes with T off. The hole(More)
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